Cruel Coffee

Civet Infographic 3

Civets are captured from the wild

Civets are captured from the wild using cruel methods such as box traps and snares. These may cause injury to the civet. Furthermore, wild civets are not used to humans and will experience stress due to human handling.

Civets are kept in small cages

The average territory of civets is estimated to be 17 km2. Keeping them in small cages deprives them of any natural habits and leads to stress and boredom, typically followed by cage madness. Furthermore, cages are barren and lack adequate spaces for them to hide. Abnormal behaviors such as pacing and gnawing on limbs have been reported in caged civets.

Civet cages are crammed in close proximity

Civets are solitary animals (they live alone). The cages that house civets are crammed within small areas, thus stressing these animals that are used to living alone.

Civets become malnourished

In the wild, civets have a varied diet consisting of fruits, berries, insects and even birds; coffee cherries consist only of a small part of their diet. However, to increase the yield of kopi luwak, captive civets are kept on a diet restricted mainly to coffee beans. Producers of kopi luwak recommend that civets are fed 1.5 kg of coffee cherries daily; this corresponds to 125 espresso shots! The effects of caffeine on civets have yet to be researched but surely such high doses of caffeine do not bode well for the civets.

The restricted diet of coffee cherries also results in malnourishment: the animals become unhealthy and lose their fur. Some even pass out bloody faeces.

Many civets die because of the horrible conditions that they are living in.

Find out how you can speak up for civets HERE!

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