Kopi Luwak in Singapore

Where does kopi luwak in Singapore originate?

It is difficult to pinpoint where local cafes obtain their supply of kopi luwak as there are (unfortunately) many kopi luwak suppliers.  The biggest source of these beans is the birth place of kopi luwak: Indonesia.  This country has several major coffee-farming regions and the three biggest areas are Sumatra, Bali and Java. It is likely that most cafes in Singapore obtain kopi luwak from Sumatra, which is also the biggest producer of kopi luwak.

What is the price for kopi luwak?

A cup of kopi luwak can fetch exorbitant prices and the going rate can be about $25 or more!

Is it worth the money?

To put things into perspective, $25 can buy you five cups of coffee from other specialty coffee shops that use prime quality coffee beans from different parts of the world . In most cases, the coffee certainly rivals the taste of kopi luwak (if not better and with a clearer conscience)!

Who drinks it?

Generally, coffee fans who are curious about this hyped up coffee and wonder how it tastes like.  In the current specialty coffee market bloom, avid drinkers normally do not think too much about spending upwards of $5 for their favourite cup of coffee.  This is the seemingly the target market for kopi luwak as it is only available at these newer cafes who market themselves as specialty coffee places.

Also, tourists who visit coffee plantations which sell kopi luwak (such as in Bali and Sumatra) often buy kopi luwak as souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. After all, “civet poop coffee” does make for an interesting and exotic souvenir. Unfortunately, civets end up suffering for the sake of an exotic coffee experience.

List of cafes that do not endorse kopi luwak

We are working together with local cafes on taking a stand against kopi kuwak.

Establishments that have agreed to stop selling kopi luwak

As reported in the Shin Min Daily News《新明日报》article (click for original and English translation) on 25th October 2013, the following cafes have stopped the sale of kopi luwak:

  1. Owl Cafe
  2. 10 Scotts, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Kopi Luwak in other countries

Kopi luwak is not only available in Indonesia and can be found in other Asian coffee growing countries such as India, Vietnam and Philippines as well.

Another bit of interesting yet disconcerting news is that civet cats are not the only animals being used to produce ‘special’ coffee in the world.  In India, a certain species of primates, called Devon Monkeys are used which chew on coffee cherries. The spat out remains are then picked up by farmers for subsequent processing. Elsewhere, birds and even elephants are being used to produce novelty coffee products to pique the interests of curious customers.

5 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak in Singapore

  1. I just heard Hot FM going on about kopi luwak and how people who are curious about the coffee can pay $50 for a cup. DJ was describing how it is made. I think they also mentioned a monkey coffee in Taiwan, where interested people could get their friends to try if they went there.

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